Transformation Programs

The Amazing 12 Transformation Program was created by world renowned programing genius, and owner of the iconic Centaur Gym in Belfast, Ireland; Paul Mc Ilroy.

Over a very short period of time he has built an international reputation as the ‘go to’ man for outstandingly effective and intelligent program design.

He has become “the coach behind the coaches” in recent years, with masters the world over benefiting from his unique approach to programme design.

Paul is also the founder and creator of The Amazing 12 Week Physique Programme, a body transformation programme whose holistic result’s in both aesthetics and strength, within 12 weeks or less, remain unmatched the world over!  Real bodies – Real People.

His many achievements as a coach include numerous regional, national, international and world champions, in a wide range of sporting disciplines.  But what sets Paul apart is not his background in working with champions but his incredible ability to create champions from a square one start, in an amazingly short space of time.

For the past decade Paul McIlroy’s Amazing 12 Week Physique Program has been singlehandedly re-writing the book on what was previously thought possible within the realm of body transformations, shocking the world every step of the way!




Ready to to see what your body is capable of?