The Amazing 12 Transformation Program (2019 Schedule)

January 14th: (0 of 8) Available Spaces (Sold Out)

February 18th: (3 of 8) Available Spaces Remaining

May 20th: (5 of 8) Available Spaces Remaining

June 24th: (7 of 8) Available Space Remaining

September 2nd: (8 of 8) Available Spaces Remaining

October 7th: (8 of 8) Available Spaces Remaining

Sixth Union Fitness is a synergistic community of like minded individuals focused on maximizing success in every aspect of life. Our holistic approach to health and fitness is based on principles that have been proven to maximize results. Not only will you achieve the physique you have always wanted but it is our mission to help you create the life you have always dreamed of.

“The Strength of a man isn’t measured by the weight resting on his back, but rather the Power to lift up heavy hearts”




At Sixth Union Fitness we believe that there isn’t a client that we can’t help reach their goals. We pride ourselves in being the most educated, well rounded personal trainers in the industry capable of offering an array of options that will maximize results while keeping your sessions both fun and educational.



Small Group 30 Day Kickstart! (Unlimited)

Through the end of September sign up for 30 Days of Unlimited Group Training Classes. Classes are designed for all activity/ experience levels. We make it easy for everyone to reach their personal goals with our individualized programs. In order to maintain the best possible service class space is limited, make sure to sign up today!


Private Training Current Schedule