100 Days Of Healing - 2023 Challenge

Heal Your Mind, Body, & Soul

Be the Best Version of You

Put 2022 In the Past

100 Days Of Healing

Join us as we pursue 100 Days of Healing. 2020 has been forgettable to say the least... we are challenging our clients, families, and friends to 100 days focused on maximizing your health and wellness. FREE TO ALL, we have created three levels of intensity that you can choose from.


I feel alert, focused, competent, and thoughtful. I learn, remember, and solve problems well. I feel a sense of meaning and purpose. I push myself to grow, improve, and progress in the things that bring my life meaning.


I feel healthy, energized, and thriving. I perform and function well. I strive to be the top 1% of the fittest people my age. I focus on balancing my training, nutrition, and recovery equally in order to reach my highest potential.


I feel a full range of emotions, but mostly calm, hopeful, and positive. The people and things I surrond myself with support my health and wellbeing. I feel connected and authentic with others. I feel supported. I belong.


Non - Profit Challenge